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Library fund

How is the library fund sorted?

In part of library which can accessed freely the books are sorted as “in house”, intended for study purposes in library and as “absent” which you can borrow home. In house publications are stocked in study rooms, absent publications are stocked in so called “free access” (in Czech “volný výběr”) No. 1, 2 and 3. Information about location of specific publication can be found in Union catalogue of Masaryk University in column “Sublibrary”.

Further, the publications are sorted according to signature and into groups by disciplines.


Rest of the fund is located in closed deposits and these publications must be requested via Union catalogue of Masaryk University (after signing in).

What is call number?

Call number is mark of publication that is located at the back (spine) of the book. Call number consists of letter or group of letters and number. Letters are used to describe discipline to which the publication was assigned to (e. g. Tr = Criminal Law; in Czech “trestní právo”). Numbers represent serial number of publication in specific discipline.

Where can I find journals?

You can find journals on left side of the library (see map). Journals are sorted alphabetically according to title. You can always find latest issues of current year and in case of some journals even older issues.

Other years of journals are stock in deposit and you can request them by using Union catalogue of Masaryk University (after singing in).

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