How can I reserve publication?

First, you must sign in to Union catalogue of Masaryk University (see Then, you search for requested title and click on Faculty of Laws. After displaying of holdings, you click on “Request” which is in left side of chart. Do not forget to fill in date until which you are interested in chosen publication and to confirm your reservation. You can reserve only those publication that are already borrowed or located in deposit.

How do I recognize, that reserved publication is ready and where to find it?

When reserved publication is returned by previous user and reservation is processed, an informative e-mail is send to you. This e-mail contains information about date up to which you can pick up reserved publication in library. Information about state of your reservations can be found in “My account” in column “Hold Requests”.

Prepared publications are ordered alphabetically according to surnames of its authors and you can find them next to loan counter. At loan counter you must present prepared publication for purposes of registration of your loan.

Can I cancel my registration, when I do not need in anymore?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is to sign in to Union catalogue of Masaryk University, then click on “My account” and “Hold Requests”. After displaying list of requests, you click on underlined number of chosen request and on “Delete”.

If the publication is already prepared for pick up, you can easily answer on informative e‑mail that you have received (and say that you do not desire this publication anymore).

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