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Where and when can I borrow a book?

Books are borrowed during library’s opening hours from Monday until Friday.

Monday – Thursday    8:30 - 20:00

Friday                          8:30 - 17:00

How many books can I borrow at once?

If you are Masaryk University’s student than you can borrow 30 books.

If you are external user can borrow maximally 10 books.

For how long can I borrow a book (to take home)?

Loan term for most absent loans is 30 days with possibility of prolongation unless the book has not been yet reserved by other user. Maximal term of prolonged loan is 90 days.

Publications which are marked as “short-term” or in Czech “krátkodobá” can be borrowed only for 7 days. In this case prolongation is possible as well unless the book has been already reserved by another user. Maximal term of prolonged “short-term” loan is 30 days.

How can I prolong my loan?

Sign in to Union catalogue ( and in its upper part click on “My account” and in chart choose number of your “Loans”. Then list of your loans appears and you click on underlined number that is next to name of author of selected publication. Then you click on “Renew” and your loan is prolonged (if you did not exceed maximal loan term). You can also prolong all your loans by clicking on “Renew all” at top panel.

My loan cannot be prolonged? Why is that?

Your loan cannot be prolonged if your publication is reserved by another user, if you have already exceeded maximal loan term or if you have reached maximal loan term. Another reason may be that your registration is invalid. In this case we recommend contacting our library.

How do I recognize publication that cannot be borrowed home?

In catalogue such publications are marked in column “Item status” either “In house loan”, “In house loan CLOSED STACKS” or “Pres. (Deposit 3)”.

These publications are in study rooms No. 1 and 2 and are marked by red or blue signature. In house status has also journals, magazines, newspapers, thesis and so call “old fund” (literature published until 1950).

Can I borrow “in house” publication for night or weekend?

You can borrow second and other in house exemplar of each publication from study room No. 1. These are borrowed only to intern users as early as one hour before library’s closing time.

Is it possible to borrow publication which is in “Deposit”?

You can borrow publications that has status of “Month Closed Stacks”. These can be reserved after singing in to Union catalogue of Masaryk University and clicking on “Request” in list of holdings.

What are penalties for late return of publication?

It is CZK 10 per day for week loan (which is marked as “krátkodobá” i. e. “short-term”), CZK 5 per day for month loan or CZK 10 per hour for in house loan.

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