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Library fund

Contains over 132 000 publications. Simple classification based on disciplines that uses system combining letters and numbers was created for library fund. Letters are used to describe discipline to which the publication was assigned to (e. g. Tr = Criminal Law; in Czech “trestní právo”). Numbers represent serial number of publication in specific discipline. Annual increase is approximately 4 000 librarian units.


These are bachelor, diploma, rigorous, dissertation and habilitation thesis that were defended at Faculty of Law since 1974. Since 2009 only rigorous, dissertation and habilitation thesis are stored in printed form.

Since 2006 full texts of thesis are publicly available at Archive of thesis of Masaryk University.

Historical fund

Historical fund was created by Library of Faculty of Law during 1919-1950 period. During Nazi occupation our Library was dislocated to German Technical University and despite numerous move our fund was saved. After dissolution of Faculty of Law in 1950 the fund was transferred under administration of that time University Library (these days Moravian Library). In 1970 the fund was handed back to Faculty of Law and gradually transferred from its deposit in castle Brtnice. Historical fund contains ca. 34 000 of publications that were issued until 1950.

It consists of five collections:

  • Faculty of Law’s Library from 1919-1950
  • Library of Moravian Legal Union
  • Library of prof. JUDr. Albín Bráf
  • Library of prof. JUDr. František Storch
  • Gift of František Janča

All books that are part of fund of Masaryk University’s Libraries are processed in Union catalogue of Masaryk University in which you can search by specific names, authors, key words and many other options.

In Library the books are sorted by disciplines.

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