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About us

Library of Faculty of Law served to students and employees since 1990’s when original building was returned to Faculty of Law. Inappropriate construction modifications and obsolete sewers underneath building that were in emergency state caused that first and second underground floors were wet and totally unfit – not only – for librarian purposes.

In 1992-1995 partial isolation against wet was carried out, but these measures did not last for long time and later part of premises became completely unusable. Therefore, the Library has been undergoing extensive reconstruction since 2013. Its aim was to expand its premises at expense of former gym and deposits of archive of the Masaryk University Rectorate Office. This allowed to increase capacity of study space in Library and to unify operation of all its departments.

Throughout the ongoing reconstruction (2013-2015) Library was situated at Moravian Library where temporary loan service was established.

After the reconstruction, Library became connected into one functional unit with central entrance. There is loan service, study premises and European documentary centre. So called free access to books was substantially extended as well as number of study places, individual study boxes and seminar rooms. Modern lighting significantly increases comfort for study in premises of Library. Also, by using various height levels between formal gym and original study room a wide space – which is both architecturally and functionally interesting – was created. New Library can be also approached by immobile students. The opening ceremony took place on March 30, 2015.

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