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Study Rooms

Individual Study Rooms

Individual boxes cannot be used for video calls, MS Teams, teaching and other similar.

The library has a total of four study boxes equipped with computers, which can be reserved in advance by students and staff at the e-mail address box (at) When making a reservation, please be sure to include your name, ID number and the time slot you wish to reserve.

Study boxes are booked for three hours with the possibility of extension if there is no further booking. Only one reservation can be made per day. Unfilled time slots are offered without a reservation directly from the library. 

You will receive a key to the box at the Information Desk in the library. 

The individual study boxes are part of the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts and therefore the same rules apply here as in the rest of the library. When using the boxes, please follow these rules here.

Individual study room n. 1

Individual study room n. 2

Individual study room n. 3

Individual study room n. 4

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