Book acquisition

Ideas on book acquisition please send to Mgr. Hana Rymešová by e-mail.

Acquisition (for academical workers)

Basic rules:

  • orders are accepted by Mgr. Hana Rymešová (+420 549 49 67 55 or
  • you can use e-mail to send the ordering form, signing isn't necessary (it's checked electronically)
  • for order use shorted title, ISBN and all information you have
  • if the publication is from abroad and the library already owns it, the order will be canceled (exept specially reasoned occasions)
  • don't forget to use number of order (grant) from which it will be financed
  • in "Other messages" rubric you can clarify the order (for ex. who wil lend the book, if it isn't for ordering person herself)
  • acquisition can be financed from grants, orders or department limits
  • exceptionally you can have refunded bill, but only if it has all essentials (ask at the economical department)
  • when the book is ready, you get an e-mail notification

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