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Digital library

Digital library of historic fund Project of Digital library of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law started in 2014.

The aim of this project is making book fund (co-called legal-historical fund) of Central Library of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law accessible for broad professional public.

Digital library has recently three general collections:

  • Historical fund 1801-1918
  • Historical fund since 1919-1950
  • Personalities

The fund was found with founding of Masaryk University respectively Faculty of Law in 1919 and it was built until 1955 when the faculty was closed. This independent collection contains books from 16th century up to half of 20th century. The oldest publication is De Verborum obligationibus lectura from 1546.

The fund consists of legal disciplines such as Roman law, Business law, Civil law, International law etc. Our collection includes also publications that focus on national economy, economy, Czech and world history. Process of canning and publishing of books at Digital library divides into few stages. In first stage, publications are scanned according to disciplines. Second stage will consist of scanning of Tributes, conference proceedings etc. In next stage periodicals and so-called old prints – meaning books that has been printed before 1800 – will follow.

Digital library

Recently you can find in our Digital library for example:

On the other hand, you can also find publications by collectives of authors:

Expansion and improvement of Digital library is continuously in progress. This is ensured in cooperation with Library and Information Centre of Institute of Computer Science.

Your recommendations and hints towards Digital library please send to We will appreciate them.

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