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European Documentation Centre

Since January 1994, European documentary centre is a part of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law. This centre provides information on activities of two top European organizations – Council of Europe and European Union. Activity of centre focus mainly on EU directives, judgments of the European Court of Justice and on protection of human rights related issues.

European Union and Council of Europe

In 1993, Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law gained status of European documentary centre. This status enables our faculty to obtain free official periodical and non-periodical publications of EU, even in English. The key document is Official Journal of the European Union (series L and C) which contains fundamental treaties, legislation, directives, regulations and decisions of EU. You can find printed editions from 1993 until 2000 and from 2004 until nowadays. Important documents are also in special edition COM (Complementary legal acts) used for publication of additional legislative of EU. Another important source for study of European law and for its application is judiciary of EU. It is published in annual two-part summary called Reports of cases before the Court of Justice and Tribunal that contains judgments of Court of Justice and Tribunal. Part of fund of European documentary centre are also research reports and studies published by institutions of EU, statistical overviews, selected periodicals and monographs from various fields of interest such as education, industry, environment, employment etc.

Except monographs, periodicals, various news and informative brochures a large part of this fund consists of judgments of European Court on Human Rights (Strasbourg). Materials send by Council of Europe are mostly bilingual and contain similar texts in English and French.

Fond is not supplied anymore.

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